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Maintenance - Administrators

LEGO Wikianswers Maintenance workers work to keep LEGO Wikianswers clean. All members of the Maintenance team are given the ability to rollback the edits of a single user to the last contributor, as well as being able to move files and suppress redirects when moving both files and pages. Maintenance workers are also imune from IP range blocks, and can delete small questions.


In brief, Maintenance can:

  • Rollback the edits of a user on a page to the last edit by another user
  • Suppress redirects when moving pages
  • Move files
  • Delete small pages

A Maintenance user is...

  • on the the wiki and answer questions regularly.
  • ...give quality answers and work to improve the quality of the wiki.
  • considered trustworthy by the community of the wiki.
Current members
A BobaFett2 is an administrator on Brickipedia.

A Mackmoron11 is an administrator on MLNW.

A Nerfblasterpro is an administrator on Brickipedia.

A Samdo994 is an administrator on Brickipedia.


This section is for requesting Maintenance rights, or nominating someone for those rights. Any autoconfirmed users may request, however it is recommended that you have over 100 edits or else your request may be denied.

All users are requested to comment on existing requests and nominations.

To start a Request for Maintenance, fill in and paste the following template in the space at the bottom of the page. {{RfM|<USERNAME>|<Brief summary of why you want these rights>}}

Current requests

  • None.

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