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Lloyd ZX's charcter card are 300 sp fire, 400 sp earth, 300 sp ice and 200 sp lightning

Lloyd info : Lloyd is friends with Finn at his bording school for bad boys

--- son of evil lord garmadon and thoght he was a future dark ruler

--- needs to deafet his father

--- turns good after episode 4 Never Trust a snake

--- His status in season 2 is evil but in 3 and 4 he is concedered good

--- appears in his booster pack, rattlecopter, epic dragon battle, and his spinner

--- nephew to Sensei Wu

Sorry, I cannot tell you what his cards look like.

--- does like his father even though he's evil

--- appears in every ninjago episode

---in episode 6 he gets lost by the serpentine, but he gets found in episode 10

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