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Media:Example.oggYes.Considering he didnt appear after the great devourer blew up, and the serpentine said they had to pick a new leader, most likely.

Maybe not, as he is capable of becoming invisible so he might had evaded capture by the ninjas.

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yes. he is dead because when the great devourer was unleashed he was killed moments before sensi wu is ex killed. ps sensi wu is a parsel tounge

Maybe. He could be dead or alive. If Sensi survived so could Pythor. He could be dead because he didn't show up after the Great Devourer went BOOM!!!!!

Pythor could be alive because sensei Wu turned invisible to survive the devour ,and Pythor can turn invisible to So he could be alive. Also Pythors body was never found after so there is no proof he is dead. Also when they said with Pythor being dead on that DVD they could mean get Off the show. Pythor could return in 2014 and release the serpenteen hitting the green button. If Pythor releases the serpenteen and sees Skales wearing a crown he will probably take it away from him and become the snake king again. But the serpenteen might disagree with that because releasing the devour was a bad idea.

By Gbro08

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